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If you’re Twittering, and you’re a person, use a picture of yourself as your icon. Talking to @ginayates yesterday, I realized something about my Twitter habits. The more people I follow, the more I tend to skip over updates by logos. Over time, those logos get unfollowed. It’s nothing personal. But, that’s exactly the problem. […]

Hiking the hills I might pee my pants National Pancake Day Beer thirty not too far away… Happy Fat Tuesday Oscars left out Don LaFontaine from the parade Hoping to sneak a few zzz’s in my dressing room Might help refine my upcoming audition. What do you think, magic 8-ball? Mardi Gras!!! Mardi Gras! Mel […]

Brainstorming skit ideas I must tweet again: It involves hobos Cat needs to go to the great litter box in the sky. 27 days out from St. Patrick’s Day I promise you entertainment Oscar party at Sam’s this Sunday! Wait for my phone to ring. Quick shot of me in the opening sequence Prepping cameras […]

It’s so awesome it has to be fake You change your mind like a girl changes clothes Weighing my options I’m just feeling sentimental. Windows are deceiving I was the girl MJ and Paul were fighting over All I can thing of are craisins Nom nom nom. There is strange unicorn magic going on Snow […]

Are you someone I should know? I don’t recognize your name tag. Last night, I tagged along with Gina Yates to Tubefilter’s Hollywood Web Television Meetup at maniaTV Studios in Los Angeles. The HWTM is a chance to mix and mingle with some of the brightest minds behind the fast-growing movement in online entertainment. Packed […]