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For film & television, you go to Los Angeles. For theatre, you go to New York. That’s always been the perception for actors. But in a post in today’s Backstage Blogs, there is an interesting quote from actor Jordan Lage, a 25-year veteran of New York theatre: You cannot open a straight play on Broadway […]

When Tina Fey mentioned the city of New York and the great tax incentives for production companies during her recent Emmy acceptance speech, you could hear a pin drop in the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. You could also hear moving trucks idling in the distance. There’s been a lot of talk about production […]

Los Angeles vs. New York I’m not even going to get into which city is “better,” because that’s honestly like comparing apples to hand grenades. What I will get into, is the H-Factor, where H is for Hustle. In New York, it doesn’t matter where you go – a bar, restaurant, coffee shop – they […]