Our building in Sherman Oaks has four floors of office space, 3-6. The 6th floor has always been key-access only. It is vacant except for administrative personnel and some strange tribute to Native American art work that, oddly enough, reminds me of childhood trips to the Moose Lodge with my dad and my grandfather.

Last year, Shoe Pavilion declared bankruptcy, and the corporate offices on the 4th floor were shuttered.

Today, a co-worker informed me that the 4th floor became off limits as well. Sure enough, the elevator wouldn’t allow me to go up. But, I did get to 4 from the 5th floor.

That’s where I found this:


Two out of four floors nearly empty. A 50% occupancy rate – assuming the remaining two floors are full, which they are not.

Los Angeles is not the city it should be these days.


Hiking the hills
I might pee my pants
National Pancake Day
Beer thirty not too far away…
Happy Fat Tuesday
Oscars left out Don LaFontaine from the parade
Hoping to sneak a few zzz’s in my dressing room
Might help refine my upcoming audition.
What do you think, magic 8-ball?
Mardi Gras!!! Mardi Gras!
Mel Gibson is pretty hilarious
Writing from Intelligentsia to pretend I’m hip.
Is 1:40 am an appropriate time for pie?
So hard to be white these days.

Taken at random from my current Twitter stream, comprised of actors, writers, directors and other geeks from Los Angeles and around the world.

trailer-trash-hi-rise11ABC wants to come to your house and babysit your kids on a new show. As long as your house doesn’t have wheels.

From Craigslist:

ABC’S Top Show Spin-off of Supernanny Casting (Southern California )

Reply to: gigs-1040201573@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2009-02-18, 12:11PM PSTWe are immediately casting for a spin-off show called Super-Manny. Same concept, different host, different approach. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

Here’s the family profile we are looking for Super-Manny.
Two parent family
two or more children
live in a single family home (no apartments or trailer homes)
Ricochet Television
  • Location: Southern California
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • Compensation: compensation will be negotiated with family that is chosen for the show.

PostingID: 1040201573

I think the network is missing a golden opportunity here. Maybe a spin-off of another show is in order… Extreme Makeover: Trailer Home Edition

I can hear a PBR-swilling Ty Pennington now. “Driver, move that house back!!!”

grodinTwo days before Valentine’s Day I was making a stop at See’s Candies in the Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks. It’s not uncommon to spot celebrities here – it wasn’t long ago that I walked past Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters pushing a stroller.

But, Thursday was special. Thursday was Charles Grodin Day.

Like me, Chuck was buying candy. We both arrived at the register at the same time. So, of course, I offered up the “after you.”

“Not at all,” Grodin said politely. “You were here first.”

And so, I paid for my heart-shaped box of chocolate. Grodin waited, with the same selection in hand.

“Didn’t these used to be smaller?” he asked me. “I guess they’re out,” I shrugged.

I left See’s thinking what a nice guy Chalres Grodin is. The kind of guy you would invite over for a Summer BBQ and show off the crown molding in the living room. But, I couldn’t help but wonder why he would have preferred buying the smaller box of candy. Has the economy taken its toll on him as well? After all, this is the same guy that balanced the federal budget for Dave. Remember?

Has the state of the economy got you working on the side?

At a recent commercial audition, I was called into a room with two other actors. We slated for the camera, did some improv, and slated again. As the casting director returned our I.D.’s, he handed us each a small flier advertising his new casting workshop. Fair enough. One can never have too much training, I thought. I didn’t think much more of it.

Until today, when fellow actor @VictoriaLane posted this on Twitter:


So, is this tactic inappropriate? Offensive?

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