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If you’re Twittering, and you’re a person, use a picture of yourself as your icon. Talking to @ginayates yesterday, I realized something about my Twitter habits. The more people I follow, the more I tend to skip over updates by logos. Over time, those logos get unfollowed. It’s nothing personal. But, that’s exactly the problem. […]

Twitter made things interesting again this year. I am constantly amazed at how entertaining people can be in 140 characters or less. Some of them I know face-to-face. Some of them I just know. All of them make me laugh when I least expect it. Here my Top 10 Tweeps, in no particular order, that […]

The internet is shrinking at an alarming rate. Consider: A fraternity brother I haven’t talked to in years suddenly chatted me up on Google. A handful of other brothers have added me on Facebook. An old radio colleague friended me on MySpace. My aunt and Godmother added me on Facebook. And God himself joined Santa […]

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