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For film & television, you go to Los Angeles. For theatre, you go to New York. That’s always been the perception for actors. But in a post in today’s Backstage Blogs, there is an interesting quote from actor Jordan Lage, a 25-year veteran of New York theatre: You cannot open a straight play on Broadway […]

After four days of growing the Joaquin, I have decided to shave. This is not because I’m a quitter. This is because facial hair is itchy. I don’t like itchy. Not to mention that all of my head shots are Joaquin-less. As a result, I will have to find some other way of expressing my […]

The Joaquin


I haven’t shaved in 3 days. Initially, this was a result of hot water issues in the new house. It continued on account of laziness. Now, I am considering growing my own Joaquin. As in, beard. Not so much in support of Joaquin Phoenix. But, in support of the Joaquin movement itself. It’s a whole […]

Has the state of the economy got you working on the side? At a recent commercial audition, I was called into a room with two other actors. We slated for the camera, did some improv, and slated again. As the casting director returned our I.D.’s, he handed us each a small flier advertising his new […]

Remember that woman who gave birth to octuplets? The single mom who already had six in the litter? I guess she just realized that 14 is a lot of mouths to feed. Twitter is blowing up with outrage over her new fund raising tactics. She has a web site. And she wants YOUR donation to […]