Why You Shouldn’t Use A Logo On Twitter


If you’re Twittering, and you’re a person, use a picture of yourself as your icon.

Talking to @ginayates yesterday, I realized something about my Twitter habits. The more people I follow, the more I tend to skip over updates by logos. Over time, those logos get unfollowed. It’s nothing personal. But, that’s exactly the problem. A logo is NOT A PERSON.

Maybe it’s psychological. If I see a logo, I think you’re a business, and you’re trying to sell me something, like concert tickets or shoes. Right now, I cannot afford to buy concert tickets. Or shoes.

If see a picture, I see a person. I want to see people.


  1. Twitter icon with a logo: Dumbells. We get it, @pumpingiron. You’re a muscle head. Very impressive. Next month, you should change it out to an icon of a rippling bicep, or a syringe. I still won’t follow you.pump2pump1
  2. Twitter icon with default logo: This is what your icon looks like when you first sign up. @trace13 has only posted 1 update. When she gets to five, she’d better have a picture. I have no desire to see what a mentally challenged brown robot is “doing.”
  3. trace1

  4. Twitter icon with a picture: Not sure why @SteveRouss is making that face. Perhaps Hollywood has gone to his head. Or, he just ate a pineapple. Nevertheless, I’m more inclined to read what he said, because he at least looks like a human.steve3

Hope I didn’t offend any logo friends. Chances are, I’ll skim right past your anger in my Twitter stream anyway.


6 Responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Use A Logo On Twitter”

  1. What about my icon with a big red “SUCKER” on my forehead? Does that get the green light?

  2. Picture icon is acceptable.

  3. Heh. So much for the importance of branding. (Anecdote: someone once advised me to use the dots that are my blog background on EVERYTHING for recognition. Um, what if I change my blog? I do use them as the background on my Twitter page, because they are pretty, but not for icons or userpics or anything like that. If you don’t recognize my face, you don’t recognize me.)

  4. wow i never thought of that. i was using this guiness icon for st patricks day but maybe people would read me more if i put my face back. thanks for the tip!

  5. 5 David Markland

    The look someone has on an icon is often how I imagine they’re looking as they type their tweet.

  6. Dammit. I have to get rid of my BSG logo. Crap.

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