Are You Moonlighting?


Has the state of the economy got you working on the side?

At a recent commercial audition, I was called into a room with two other actors. We slated for the camera, did some improv, and slated again. As the casting director returned our I.D.’s, he handed us each a small flier advertising his new casting workshop. Fair enough. One can never have too much training, I thought. I didn’t think much more of it.

Until today, when fellow actor @VictoriaLane posted this on Twitter:


So, is this tactic inappropriate? Offensive?

I’m not entirely sure. As an actor, you can never have too much training. But, the last thing I want is someone trying to sell me classes at an audition. I also know that this entrepreneurial spirit is not confined to The Business.

Just yesterday, a satellite guy working on our house gave us his personal cell phone number after the install. He said he’d do any additional work at half the price the company would charge. Super nice guy. Terrific work. But, I doubt the company would appreciate being undercut by their own employee.

Whether either instance is right or wrong, one thing is clear: people are doing whatever they have to do to survive. I can’t really say that I blame them.


One Response to “Are You Moonlighting?”

  1. Dude, I’ve been moonlighting for years just to make ends meet, and I have a well paying day job and the acting has been so-so, bringing in a few extra bucks here and there… But I still find myself having to take side jobs on top of my side jobs, which means no time to spend with family when I’m home. It means I’m in front of the computer making square pegs fit into round holes… Sigh.

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