14 Things I Would Like You to Pay For


private-planeRemember that woman who gave birth to octuplets? The single mom who already had six in the litter? I guess she just realized that 14 is a lot of mouths to feed.

Twitter is blowing up with outrage over her new fund raising tactics. She has a web site. And she wants YOUR donation to help feed HER children.

This got me thinking. Why don’t I go out and get 14 things I cannot afford and ask everyone else to pay the bills? As an actor and future child star, I will need these things to solidify my L.A. street cred. I NEED them.

The list of things I would like you to finance, in no particular order:

  1. New car
  2. New SUV
  3. Harley
  4. Personal trainer
  5. New wardrobe
  6. Private plane
  7. House in the hills
  8. House in Malibu
  9. Infinity pool – in both houses
  10. My publicist
  11. My own theater
  12. My other career as a rapper
  13. Unlimited pizza
  14. My taxes

4 Responses to “14 Things I Would Like You to Pay For”

  1. 1 betheboy

    Can we pay her to give her children to a more fit parent? After that all of the donations go to you.

  2. Deal.

  3. why are these people allowed to BREED?!?!!?

  4. I already sent Julia an email today with *some* of the millions of things I find wrong and disgusting about this entire situation.

    I am thinking of going out and adopting 11 more dogs. Or maybe just 10 since I do have a guinea pig and then I’d have 14 pets total. (Yes, I stole that idea from Will Campbell).

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