Name Tag Dancing at the Tubefilter Meetup


tube1Are you someone I should know? I don’t recognize your name tag.

Last night, I tagged along with Gina Yates to Tubefilter’s Hollywood Web Television Meetup at maniaTV Studios in Los Angeles. The HWTM is a chance to mix and mingle with some of the brightest minds behind the fast-growing movement in online entertainment.

Packed with actors, writers, and directors who are all trying to make their mark, the event featured several webisodes on the big screen for participants to kinda see and almost hear. Almost. Maybe they were funny. I don’t know. Most of us were too busy chattin’ it up. “Networking.”

I had the chance to talk shop for a while with fellow actor and voice talent Jonathan Nail, and I had the pleasure of meeting one Jamie Fishback. We talked about voice over demos, procrastination, and the difficulty of getting a drink at an event featuring an open bar when you don’t have boobs.

But, it wasn’t the random spotting of a Zadi Diaz of EPIC FU or Jessica Stover and her Wingmen that made the HWTM worth the $5 cover. It was the amusing game of Name Tag Dancing that kept me entertained. Those Hollywood eyes, darting from chest to chest, name tag to name tag, to see if you’re someone they should meet. Only to discover you’re “just some dude,” and move on.

I can’t wait for the next one.

3 Responses to “Name Tag Dancing at the Tubefilter Meetup”

  1. I hate that. I usually go to the LA Film Festival and seeing as I’m not in The Industry at all, I get the name tag snubs too. Oh well. At least I’m not trying to connect.

  2. Using a name tag is much more effective when you put something memorable on it besides your name. Use a buzzword to advertise yourself. Try “I’m Dan and into kayaking” or “Megan has a secret”. Lots more ideas and custom nametag creation over at where nametags are your friend!

  3. I like Mark’s idea of setting yourself up for conversation with an inventive nametag.

    I was amused to actually see people’s heads swivel as they pass you, targeting towards your chest to read your nametag, only to swivel their heads right back towards the conversation they were having as they were passing you. Thanks for the millisecond validation asshat. 🙂

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