Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet


I was dragged, kicking & screaming
What would you say to Samuel L Jackson?
One okay rehearsal down
Now: on to the script!
Squirt, squirt, rub, rub, squirt, squirt, rub
We don’t need updates on the octuplets
This is the winter I miss
I let Luke Skywalker down.
Someone please come make me a screwdriver
Amazing what eating food can do for you
This morning show sucks
Too much party.
One of those “zombie” days ahead
I would very much prefer to be sleeping right now.

Taken at random from my current Twitter stream, comprised of actors, writers, directors and other geeks from Los Angeles and around the world.


One Response to “Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet”

  1. Lol…I searched for ‘How to squirt’ and landed here.

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