Auditioning Downhill



Actors in L.A. are lazy, unprofessional, and unprepared. Or are they?

While that belief may hold true for a segment of the population, it isn’t always the source of the problem. Consider the above casting notice I received for a recent commercial audition.

Let’s break it down.

1. Role Name: Skier 3 Guy with broken Leg

So, we know that I am a skier. There are at least 2 others in the scene with me. I have a broken leg. Probably from skiing. Possibly from stupidity.

2. Role Description: I am looking for They Guy that was not such a good skier. Deep Eyes, we want to feel something for this Guy: We want to like and feel empathy for the Have-not…the guy with the broken leg. He’s a bit stressed…obviously sporting a fractured leg…but also because he now has to wait hours at the border as opposed to being able to zip home and prop that leg up. Characters or ok, Average Joe Workers or even Sacha Cohen Types… Please DO Not submit anyone who looks younger than 26 Please I hate getting headshots of people then they show up either looking older ot younger so please be respectful in submissions Talent will not be skiing but must wear snow boarding or Ski attire to audition

“They Guy?” Alright… So maybe they can’t type so well, or they were in a really big hurry to cast this thing. I also learn from this description that they’re looking for a character. Or, an average Joe. Or Borat. Which means they have no idea what they’re looking for.

3. Wardrobe: Please come to Audition with Winter Attire. Sweaters Jackets, Ski Hats. googles if you have them in ski or snowboarding attire on top half DO not wear hats just bring them, jeans are ok for the bottom

I do not own googles. But, assuming they don’t really want me to bring my own search engine, I bring goggles instead. And a jacket. And a scarf. And gloves. And my Casting Frontier bar code. And a few head shots and resumes. Because, I am that guy. The prepared, professional one who knows what time it is.

As it turns out, I am not even auditioning as the skier with the broken leg. That would be Skier 2. Skier 3 is the guy who joins Skier 1 in ridiculing Skier 2 for making an ass of himself on the Widow Maker run. He doesn’t have an easy pass to cross the border. Ha ha ha ha ha. What a sucker.


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