Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet


Cheney left in a wheelchair
There should always be a time and place for sparkles
And the huddled masses exit
Glad to be recognized as a non believer.
Teared up a bit too
Continue to drink in the awesomeness!
I stood shoulder to shoulder with hopeful people
Layoffs are coming.
Feel like going out and celebrating
Cried off eye makeup
Finally feel good about bringing children into the world
The day is off to a great start.
Congratulations, America!
We survived.

Taken at random from my current Twitter stream, comprised of actors, writers, directors and other geeks from Los Angeles and around the world.


One Response to “Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet”

  1. Such a time of hope and despair all at once. No wonder many of us are so emotional. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

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