Jack In The Box Asks For Bailout


jackThe recession has claimed its latest victim: Jack In The Box.

But Jack isn’t one to ask the government for bailout money. Jack goes straight to the well, and takes its financial aid from you, at the drive-thru menu.

Today, I was an unwitting participant in Jack’s new bailout plan. I ordered a #6 with curly fries and a Coke, and I was immediately asked “Medium or Large?”

Um…… medium, I guess.

That’s when they got me. I made a extra 49¢ contribution to Jack without even realizing it.

You’re a real sneaky, ping pong ball-headed jerk, Jack.


2 Responses to “Jack In The Box Asks For Bailout”

  1. Yeah … he just popped up and screamed … save me save me … I’ve been held prisioner in this stupid box for decades … someone, please help me … my name is Jack … and do tell my family that I’m still alive …

  2. wait they charged you 49 cents for ordering it regular sized? wtf?

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