Let’s Go To The GlamCam



Monday Morning water cooler talk in L.A. always has more to do with award shows than with any sporting event that may have taken place over the weekend. Occasionally, I participate in this discussion of Who Said or Who Wore What.

I was just discussing last night’s Golden Globes with @ginayates, and the conversation turned to the red carpet interviews – every man’s favorite topic. This is actually the reason men avoid award shows altogether. The embarrassing pregame ritual of idiotic questions by misinformed interviewers, followed by awkward celebrity interactions. Add to that, the GlamCam – A camera with the sole purpose of looking you up and down, dissecting every bit of fashion sense you may have on display.

There are days like these that I am glad to be a man. Should I ever have to walk a red carpet, I know that the GlamCam illustrator will not be highlighting any curves or lines on my outfit with TV chalk. No talk of pleats or clean lines, or dazzling accesories.

What am I wearing?

A tux. From my closet. Same one I wore last year.


3 Responses to “Let’s Go To The GlamCam”

  1. 1 Burns!

    Sadly, I saw part of the red carpet last night, too. My favorite moment:
    Interviewer: “Sting! Congratulations on tonight’s nomination.”
    Sting says nothing, as interviewer is momentarily distracted by a shiny object.
    Interviewer, turning back to Sting: “So, I’m here with Sting. Sting, congratulations on your Golden Globe nomination.”
    Sting: “I’m not nominated.”
    Interviewer: “Huh…so, I was just talking to Robert Downey Jr. over there…”

  2. lol i know my boyfriend would NEVER sit through an awards show. i had an ex that LOVED them, who was just a tool. so ive sort of gotten away from watching them all together. especially grammys, which really just involve me getting hysterically drunk and screaming at the television.

  3. I couldn’t bear to watch. The question that always gets me is, “So, WHO are you wearing?” instead of, “Who designed your dress [or whatever]?”

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