You Are The Boss Of You


Just the other day, a conversation arose about Hollywood, and the reigning misconception that we are all going to be discovered in a Starbucks, or walking down Sunset Boulevard. Occasionally, it does happen. But, not to you. Not to me. Not to anyone you know. Unless you know Marilyn Monroe.

Since moving here in 2005, I’ve met countless “actors” and “screenwriters” who have bittered with years of nothing happening for them. That is why I wake up every day, reminding myself that I am responsible for my own success, as well as my own failure. When you get down to it, it isn’t any different from any other career.

David August, who has a fantastic blog about acting in Los Angeles, links to a Tubefilter article that puts it best:

To all the actors and writers out there, you have to get over the idea that someone else is going to promote you. This is an old school Hollywood relic of an idea that has to go. It’s time to find your own audience and connect with them directly.

You are the only one who owns your brand and you are the only one who can make real connections with it. This isn’t an easy idea to fully embrace. We are ingrained with the arcane and stupid idea that we just need to be discovered or seen by the right people and our careers will suddenly be awakened. Get that load of crap out of your heads right now.

Start your own web series. A must read for any actor.

Now, where’s my video camera? Right. Someone broke into my car and stole it. Back to the day job.


2 Responses to “You Are The Boss Of You”

  1. Hmm. Can I shoot a web series with a flip video?

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