The Second Guessing Must Stop


micAs an actor, I have a nasty habit of second guessing myself through every step of the process. Did I make the right choice in my backstory? Was walking into the kitchen for another beer a good physical destination? Would I really have worn these Nike sneakers in 1919?

It’s just as bad in radio. Should I have hit the post? Was that phone call entertaining to anyone but me? Should I really be getting paid for this?

The worst instance of the second guess always seems to come out of production. More specifically, my own voice over demos. These demos are like resumes for voice over artists. So, naturally, you want your best work on there. But, what is my best work? Is it the last demo I cut? Or, did I hit my peak 3 years ago? And why does a demo sound great the night you produce it, but three months later it has that college intern sound?

None of this surprises me. I second guess everything. I’m still undecided about today’s choice of wardrobe.


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