A Letter To The Person That Broke Into My Car


photoI live in that condo in Studio City, just around the corner from Tujunga Village. The one with the gated subterranean parking. I own the Jeep that you broke into between 11:00 last night and 8:45 this morning. You smashed the driver-side window and ripped off the detachable face of my POS car stereo. You took the change out of my dashboard, which was mostly pennies. And you stole my mini-DV camera.

None of this matters. All of this can be fix or replaced. Except for the tape of my 5-month old daughter. I don’t know how much was on there. But, even 2 minutes of her earliest days on earth are worth everything to me. I feel sick to my stomach knowing they could be gone forever.

Maybe you need these things more than I do right now. Maybe you recently lost your job and you need the cash to feed your own children. Maybe you’re homeless, and too proud to ask anyone for help. Maybe you just needed something to pawn in order to buy drugs. I honestly do not care. Keep the stereo. Keep the camera. Just give back the tape of my daughter. I’d be happy to call it even.

Either way, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

7 Responses to “A Letter To The Person That Broke Into My Car”

  1. 😦 I would be inconsolable and out for blood.

  2. Ugh, this sucks so much. This kind of thing happened on our street one time around the holidays, but I think only gifts were stolen. Nothing as precious and irreplaceable as you tape. I’m so sorry and hope that you get a ‘Christmas miracle’ and it turns up.

  3. Thanks, guys. I’m just glad that my family is safe. That is what matters most.

  4. Well, dammit. 😦

  5. id never been so mad as i was the first time my car got broken into. you feel violated and scared. at least i did. they stole my college text books. who steals that?

    i am so glad that you and yours are safe. sorry about the loss.

  6. 6 William Hart

    I just got jacked myself, they busted the passenger window and took the GPS system I just got as a Christmas gift. At first I wanted to run him / her over multiple times while laughing but now I just find the humor in it. Like, they didn’t even look through my car at all. Everything in there was a piece of crap I guess except the Tom Tom. lol You just have to make new videos and memories with your daughter and this will mean nothing in the future.

  7. 7 whitelocust

    I have had many many things taken from me, property stolen, respect taken, loved ones murdered, you must understand the nature of the beast, You know what I’m talking about, all of you do. Mankind, the human animal, the needs and wants of each individual out weigh the needs of the society, our nation is sick, the western world is dying. What occurred to you is only a symptom of the underlying disease that is eating away at the soul of our nation. It does not matter what they criminal took, but that they were walking down the street looking in peoples cars, looking for things they could take, maybe even looking in peoples homes, they saw something that did not belong to them, they thought nothing of how it would effect you or your family, they did not care about the memories on the tape, or how it would make you feel, the violation, the loss of trust in the community, only that they wanted what you have, and were willing to break you car window and take it by force. You probably have an idea of what this person looked like, the nature of the beast, they weren’t some White or Asian kid walking down the street, don’t lie to yourself. We all see what is happening to our communities, the raping of our states, and the death of our nation. I ask one question, where will this nation be in 20 years, will California be just another Mexican state of Mexico, along with all of the wonderful events and culture that being a state of Mexico brings? Will we still of a set of laws that everyone lives by, will we understand what our politicians are saying, will we want our children to grow up in a state that is going down the path we are currently on? Is there a history of any nation in human history that has survived the path we are now on? Will the democraps or republiclans do anything about anything? Answer these questions, Obama will fail, he cannot save our economy with socialism, let alone the nation, only the patriots can save America, and save our lives along with it. Do not feel sorry for the animal that stole your precious moments, don’t feel any pity, don’t allow them to win, and claim another victim in their war to exterminate us.

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