Dear SAG: Vote No For Now


sagMembers of the Screen Actors Guild:

You should be receiving your strike authorization ballots sometime after Friday January 2, 2009. The measure authorizing a strike will pass if 75% of the voting members vote yes. I want you to know how important a vote this is. I want you to know why you should vote NO… for now.

Banks are still going under. Automakers are begging for money. Mayors from cities all across America traveled to Washington trying to fill their tin cups with anything they can get. Companies are canceling holiday parties, eliminating bonuses, and driving up the unemployment rate. Just yesterday, the NFL – one of the most successful companies in the U.S. – announced layoffs.

The entertainment industry is not immune. I know, because I work in it. I have a full-time radio job in Los Angeles while I work to establish my acting career. I am thankful for the job that I have, especially because I know so many others who have lost theirs. If SAG does strike, how many people will be forced to look for other work to pay the bills? Where do you think they will find it? The other jobs ARE NO LONGER THERE. We’re all doing acrobatics without a safety net, and you want people to jump.

If you strike now, it will deal a major blow to an industry that is still trying to get back on its feet. Many found themselves out of work during last year’s writers strike. How many more will be affected when SAG does the same? The idea of a Union is to protect its members and their families. It is for that reason alone, that the timing of this vote could not be worse.

All I am asking is that you wait. Let the new administration be sworn in. Let the government have time to realize some sort of economic recovery plan for the nation. Let actors, writers, grips, directors, and PAs be able to work and feed their families during this crisis. Wait 6 months. Wait 12.

Just, wait. You’ll have a lot more support from everyone else when things look a little better.


2 Responses to “Dear SAG: Vote No For Now”

  1. 1 CM

    Don’t be a FOOL and be suckered into the AMPTP’s doom and gloom. Stand tall and support Alan and Doug. It’s comments from cry babies that will destroy SAG. Let’s all support the strike vote. Theres never is a good time, so lets make it now, before we get stuck in the worst contract ever, that will never get better !!

  1. 1 Keep Your Job, L.A. The Suck Will Only Get Worse | Los Angeles Metblogs

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