3 Reminders For The Casting Director


auditionThere are plenty of lazy actors making the rounds in L.A. to give the profession a bad rep. But, I can assure you, we’re still human beings. We’re not cattle. Not a bunch of drones that move from one casting session to the next. We’re real people. Most of us have “real” jobs. We’re trying to succeed in our career just as you are in yours.

So, why the attitude, casting director?

It hasn’t been one isolated incident where a CD acts as if I am some lowly actor who is beneath him/her. It happens a lot more than it should. Which is never. So, here are 3 reminders for the casting director who has lost his or her way:

  1. Understand that casting sessions are held all over the city. It’s a good possibility that actors are setting foot in the building for the very first time. If you are casting more than one spot, make sure the sign-in areas are clearly designated.
  2. Don’t expect actors to know exactly what you need from them. We all get notices that are less than accurate. Some CD’s want head shots. Others want bar codes. Don’t get snarky when an actor doesn’t know that you “don’t do bar codes here.”
  3. Be personable. Just because you have 100 actors to see doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smile, shake their hand, and introduce yourself by name. We appreciate you taking the time to see us. You should appreciate us taking the time to see you. We may be the one you’re looking for.

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