A Horse With No Name


horse-mouthMy co-workers have been having an odd discussion today about Hollywood. The business, not the geographical location. Specifically, what would you do to “make it?”

In most circles, this conversation would seem fairly normal. These people, however, are anything but. Their hypothetical question, in highly sanitized form:

For a guaranteed six-picture deal, would you have relations with a horse?

Consider the state of the economy, the looming threat of a SAG strike, and your current diet of Ramen noodles.

For the record, the horse would be sworn to secrecy as to avoid any leaks to TMZ.



One Response to “A Horse With No Name”

  1. 1 Burns!

    I’m not even trying to make it in Hollywood, but for a six-picture deal? And the horse is sworn to secrecy? Is she cute?

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