NFL Network Audition: Hispanic Fan


nflI had an audition the other day for the NFL Network. No sides. Just a casual, Hispanic football fan.

“Hispanic” always makes me nervous. I fully expect to show up and look like the whitest guy in the room. I may lean like a cholo, but I look like the Karate Kid.

I arrived to discover that the amount of my Hispanicness may not matter. The other guys weren’t even close. The casting director was quick to rush us in and out. This was much appreciated, considering the entire length of the trip from the Valley to Santa Monica and back would wind up being be about 2 hours.

For the audition, I had to don a black cape and pretend to water the lawn. All while pondering the futility of my fantasy football team.

I immediately made use of emotional recall from my days in Indianapolis. Many a fantasy football season was lost to a female co-worker who made picks based on team colors or quarterback handsomeness. So, when it came to disappointment in my fantasy football team, I can assure you, no acting was required.

A two-hour drive just to be myself. In a cape.


One Response to “NFL Network Audition: Hispanic Fan”

  1. I am routinely spoken to in Spanish, I’m dark-ish and my kids are super fair.

    No. I’m not their nanny perro lo siento lay-dee no espike de ingles.

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