Is Everyone In The Business?


jlm-stars-hollywood-signWe checked out a house yesterday that has yet to be listed on the MLS. A 1924 craftsman in Burbank, being sold by its 2nd owner! She was a nice enough lady, who insisted on giving us a tour of every little nook and cranny. When she asked what I did for a living, I mumbled just enough to qualify as an answer.

“Oh, you’re in the business!” she exclaimed. “My husband and I met in the business!”

Mr. Husband had apparently worked for CBS radio in Los Angeles, before moving on to do PR.

This got me thinking. A lot of people can say they’re “in the business.” Exactly what business do they mean? Film, TV, Radio, Theatre, New media… It seems as if the “entertainment” umbrella is bigger and a stranger shade of grey than ever.

So, are you “in the business?”


2 Responses to “Is Everyone In The Business?”

  1. I can definitively say that I am not “in the business”. I work for Big Oil. Blah.

  2. I also hear it called “The Industry” a lot. When I say I’m not part of it at events I go to with my husband, who is in “the business/industry/whatever”, it shuts down conversations. I mean, I work in healthcare so I can’t get anyone a gig, cast them in something, etc. I’m generalizing and I do have a lot of industry friends, but…yeah.

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