Stimulus Package for Writers


writersI just got an email from The Writer’s Store regarding their new “Creative Stimulus Package.”

Awesome. They’re going to bail me out. Maybe send me a half-finished script, or some story ideas. Maybe even a check to pull me out of the current economic crisis.

It’s no secret that we’re currently experiencing a climate of change and unpredictability. Now more than ever, writing and filmmaking is the outlet we need to find meaning in this difficult time.

That’s why The Writers Store has put together our new Creative Stimulus packages, designed to bring you significant savings on the can’t-do-without tools you need to tell your story. It’s our way of saying thank you to our most loyal customers.

Oh. So, basically, you’re just trying to get me to buy some stuff by bundling it together with some other stuff and showing me how much I’m saving by buying it together?


One Response to “Stimulus Package for Writers”

  1. What? SIGN ME UP!

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