Talking Politics With The Bouncer


prop8The big man working the door at Suede in the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday seemed like a nice enough guy. Sure, he looked like he may have been a defensive lineman at some point in his life. But, even as a bouncer, he was more than willing to chat us up as we walked toward him.

He asked who got our vote. We proudly responded with an Oprah-esque “Obamaaaaaaaa!”

He grinned, and said “alright.”

What came next sounded like a sound bite from any major news outlet over the past week. It was about Prop 8.

“Oh, I was all for voting no, until they said it was about civil rights. Uh-uh. Don’t go there. You go there, and everyone else will be using it, too. So, I voted yes. You had me until you went there.”

We nodded our heads in agreement to disagree, and headed straight to the bar for a drink. We sat quietly for a few minutes, thinking through the vodka and sounds of the Bee Gees:

An African-American man had exercised his right to vote by voting against the rights of gays to marry.

Photo from the Los Angeles Times

3 Responses to “Talking Politics With The Bouncer”

  1. I’ve heard this from others too. Trying to wrap my head around it. Maybe I’m too white to understand.

  2. This man was NEVER going to vote no. I’m tired of all the excuses for blatant homophobia. “You had me until…”

    You’re either FOR rights or AGAINST them. No middle ground.

  3. 3 kickingalion

    For information on Prop 8/Gay Rights boycotts, marches, letter writing campaigns and more, visit

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