Did Your Polling Place Check I.D.?


photoI voted today. My polling place was Saint Anne’s Catholic Church Hall in Studio City. The green table.

Manning my table were two older gentlemen wearing name tags. Eugene and Warren. Nice fellows. Warren had a hard time hearing me, so I had to repeat just about everything twice. No big deal, I thought. This is a pretty big day. I don’t mind.

Warren couldn’t find my name and address in his book. I reached over and pointed it out to him. He chuckled. I signed.

The next step was to cross-reference my name and address in Warren’s book with my name and address in Eugene’s book. Except, according to Eugene’s book, I had already voted. The thin red line cut through my name and address with finality.

Turns out, Steph had been in earlier to vote, and they crossed me off instead of her. It also turns out that Eugene and Warren never asked me for a photo I.D. You know, to prove that I was who I said I was. I gave my name and address, scribbled an illegible signature, and voted my brains out.

They never asked for an I.D. Did your polling place ask for yours?


2 Responses to “Did Your Polling Place Check I.D.?”

  1. It’s ILLEGAL to ask voters for ID. So I’m glad they didn’t.

  2. nope. ive never been asked for my id to vote in california. i think thats against the law here.

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