5 Haunting Photos From the Workplace


Our office building is haunted. Not necessarily by ghosts. But, by wackos.

We’re talking about a building that has an entire upper floor dedicated to giant Native American works of art. Of course, no one can just visit this possible filming location for a Night at the Museum sequel. Only a privileged few have an elevator key to get to the 5th floor Sherman Oaks “penthouse.”

Still, there are plenty of other creepy things around here that have us asking WTF? Here are 5:

1. The Hallway

If you look closely, you can see two little girls standing at the end of the hall. If you stare too long, you may get bowled over by an overweight CPA on his way to the bathroom after his breakfast burrito. We call him Peanut M&M Man, because he dresses up as a peanut M&M for Halloween every year. There are no known pictures of PM3, because oddly enough, he moves too fast.

2. The Basement Chair

This chair has been in the basement for months. But, it just recently began facing the wall. Is it a sign of impending corporate layoffs in a crumbling economy? Is it Josh from the Blair Witch Project? Is it a ghost in time-out? You decide.

3. The Stairwell

There are 3 parking floors in this building: PB, P1, P2. There are 3 office floors: 3, 4, and the previously mentioned Native American Museum of Art on 5. This stairwell leads from PB to the outside world on P1. But, you cannot use it. It is alarm-protected to discourage a healthy lifestyle. Inviting, no?

4. The Restroom Sign

This sign is not supposed to be here. Apparently, some hooligan put it up weeks ago to remind Peanut M&M Man to wash his hands after he takes care of his business. He has been spotted by several people walking out of a stall, and bypassing the sink for the exit. Whether it’s #1 or #2, this is unacceptable.

5. Rudy

Rudy is the building’s security guard. He is here to make sure visitors sign in, and employees do not park on the visitors’ parking level, even though it’s because you forgot your garage opener and it’s only this one time and nobody ever visits this place anyway. Rudy listens to NPR all day and smells like smoke. He’s our version of Lurch. We still haven’t figured him out.


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