13 Reasons to Root for the Rays in the World Series


Are you a Red State, or a Blue State?

The Tampa Bay Rays are set to host the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 1 of the World Series tonight. If your baseball team did not make it this far, you may still be an undecided. But, there is only one team of mavericks that will truly give us change we can believe in.

Here are 13 reasons to root for the Rays:

  1. This isn’t a bandwagon team. Which means your hat makes you stand out in a crowd of Yankees and Red Sox “fans.”
  2. Evan Longoria plays as well as Eva Longoria looks. And she looks good.
  3. More cowbell. You can keep your damn Rally Monkey.
  4. Philly fans are assholes, and everybody knows it.
  5. A manager who wears glasses that remind you of your grandfather. Circa 1979.
  6. Rayhawks. The mohawk is not only back. It’s wider, meaner, and sometimes blue.
  7. Older fans. If you see a crazy grey-haired couple yelling in the stands, it may very well be my parents.
  8. An outfielder named Rocco. Every sports team should have a Rocco.
  9. The fruits of other teams’ bungled trades. Like the Mets giving away Scott Kazmir. In my house, this is known as a FAIL + WIN.
  10. A Japanese guy that knows how to wear stirrups correctly. Like, so you can see them.
  11. Playing at the Trop. It’s where balls can sometimes disappear. And I’m not talking about the ones that get stuck in the catwalk.
  12. Because even Ron Swoboda is a Rays fan.
  13. And if a brawl occurs, Jonny Gomes will run in from wherever he is and hit someone. Anyone.

One Response to “13 Reasons to Root for the Rays in the World Series”

  1. while not a bandwagon sox fan, i understand what you mean. i mean i made the holy trip back to boston for my gear and bought it at fenway for fucks sake, but i have a few friends who just chose to root for my team. im not gonna lie, losing to the rays was hard and i hate their fake grass but they played a hell of a play off series and its never bad to spread the love around.

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