7 Thoughts I Tweeted During the Presidential Debate


I like politics. Specifically, I like watching politicians trip and vomit all over themselves when auditioning to be the leader of the free world. So, while I watch them go back and forth, I Twitter.

Here are 7 things that popped into my head and splattered onto the internet during the show:

1. On McCain’s Visible Impatience

I think McCain’s head is going to explode. Wait for it….

2. On McCain’s Split Screen Reactions to Obama

I think more people should rolls their eyes in debates.

3. On the 12th Reference to Joe the Plumber

Y’all remember him as Joe the Plumber from the What’s Going Down Episode of That’s My Momma…

4. On Questioning a Woman’s Health as Justification for Abortion

Note to all women: Stop using “health” as a crutch.

5. On the 23rd Goddamn Reference to Joe the Plumber

McCain keeps talking to Joe. Joe does not live here.

6. On the Argument for Vouchers During Questions About Education

I want a voucher. Not because I need it. But, because I like the word.

And finally…

7. On McCain’s Assertion that America has Gotten to Know Sarah Palin

I have gotten to know Sarah Palin. I have also gotten to know my coffee table, my plant, and my blender.


One Response to “7 Thoughts I Tweeted During the Presidential Debate”

  1. 1 cinchy

    I left twitter off during the debate ( I know how could I) But I agree with you on your 7 tweets.

    I did I appreciate that he only brought up the projector once.

    But I thought the “health” remark was out of line and very insensitive not only to just women but everyone.

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