Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet


Just back from a productive rehearsal
No idea what my damn problem is.
Spa day! Spa day!
Gonna ride our bikes to LB today!
Did anything happen yet?
It’s October 7 and I’m ready
Today is all about video editing.
And a couple of auditions.
Awright, Melrose Mac,
When do I get my G5 back?
I got THINGS to do.
So many new babies in the last week!
No one around where i live has an indoor voice
I’m thinking of starting a team.

Taken at random from my current Twitter stream, comprised of actors, writers, directors and other geeks from Los Angeles and around the world.


3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet”

  1. wow! one of mine made it. im shocked. lol

  2. Ha! I made it again! This is fun!

  3. Brilliant!

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