I’m a WaMu Survivor


Hi. My name is Jason. I’m a survivor of the Great Bank Clusterfuck of ’08.

Yesterday, I went to bed as a customer of WaMu here in Los Angeles, California. Today, I woke up to learn that my bank and my money had been seized by JPMorgan Chase.

I swear, my money is totally innocent. It would never hurt anybody. It’s just a checking account, savings account, and a Roth IRA. It’s just my entire financial existence.

I wondered, should I cash out? Take my nickels elsewhere? It didn’t make me feel any better when I handed my debit card to Gilbert at the Sherman Oaks Apple Store and he winced. “Oooooh ewwww errrrgghh,” he said. Or, something like that. Thanks, Gilbert. Very, very amusing. Swipe the card and gimme my damn iPhone.

Anyhoo… I just checked the WaMu site, and found a very nice welcome letter from JPMorgan Chase. They gave me a bunch of FAQ and reassured me that everything is coming up roses on their end. Super. What go could possibly go wrong?


2 Responses to “I’m a WaMu Survivor”

  1. 1 cartersblog

    I was a Chase customer back in Illinois and very disappointed to learn they did not have a presence here in California.

    Of course over-night there will now be Chase all over here.

    Their online banking is fantastic, and they tend to have ATMs all over the place. I highly recommend Chase for you.

  2. god i hated washington mutal. i had them years ago and they hosed me over and over again.

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