Park(ing) Day LA


Los Angeles doesn’t have enough parks. So, it’s forward-thinking citizenry raised awareness of the issue today with Park(ing) Day LA. “Pocket parks” were created out of ordinary metered spaces. Some with trees. Some with grass. Some with benches and pretty flowers.

Not enough. L.A. needs to think bigger. And we have a full year to start planning. So, I came up with a list of 6 Better Uses of Parking Spaces:

  1. Hot Tub Stops. Year-round beautiful weather combined with year-round I-think-I’m-beautiful people necessitates a higher concentration of hot tubs. No need to valet. Open your car door and join the party.
  2. Mini Gyms. These do not need to be a full-on 24-Hour Fitness. Maybe a treadmill or two. Or just a set of free weights – chained to the ground, of course. We don’t want thugs stealing the equipment for scrap metal in this awesome economy.
  3. Paparazzi Rest Areas. Yes, celebrities hate these people. Yes, they drive around the city like assholes to get that perfect shot of Britney eating sushi. But TMZ is hard work in an already hard town. These guys could use a comfy couch and a tall glass of lemonade on a hot Valley day.
  4. Wifi Lounges. Face it, we’re all plugged in now. We need to check our Facebook and our casting alerts at least once an hour. We need to Twitter about that jackass in the Hummer that took up 2 parking spaces at WaMu. And sometimes, we just wanna plug in our iPhone and catch some sweet California air sunshine.
  5. Taco Truck Stands. Let them park. Let them cook. Let them stay. Forever.
  6. Spraygrounds. They’re playgrounds for taggers. Anything within the space is fair game. Tagging anywhere outside the space is punishable by death.

Photo of a missed opportunity from Valerita’s photostream


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