Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet


I have no words to describe
What I went through the last three days! AHHH!
I can see the NBC-Universal Offices from my house.
That makes me head of the network, right?
Eddie Murphy’s head on the 405.
I’m supposed to catch those things.
I don’t care today.
Time to get some coffee.
No Crash Helmet Required.
Still haven’t been called to set yet.
I think I’ll take a short nap.
One month to posies and pie.
We look like a couple of old drag queens
Cackling to ourselves at the bar.

Taken at random from my current Twitter stream, comprised of actors, writers, directors and other geeks from Los Angeles and around the world.


One Response to “Tuesday’s Twitter Stream Sonnet”

  1. W00t! I’m in it!

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