Crazy Wheelchair Lady


Walking down Riverside Drive near La Maida today, I noticed a woman in a wheelchair. She was arguing. But, no one else was around.

With whom was she having this discussion? A boyfriend? A roommate? Herself? They were all possibilites. With the new California law banning use of cell phones without a hands-free device, I have noticed a surge in Bluetooth-enabled boneheads wondering the streets of L.A.

Was wheelchair lady just another Toother? Or, was she crazy conversation participant-challenged?

Either way, she wanted the person on the other end to *get their motherfuckin’ shit outta her motherfuckin’ place right now. Right now, dammit. She didn’t bring this on them. They done brought it on themselves. Motherfucker.*

Or, something to that effect.

One Response to “Crazy Wheelchair Lady”

  1. A friend of mine proposed going down to Skid Row and passing out Bluetooth ear pieces to the homeless (especially those crazy ones!) as a social equalizer.

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