4 DVDs In Search Of A Home


We all have movies lying around the house.

Some, we consider our top-whatever of all time. Others, are good hangover movies or guilty pleasures. But, there are also those few cinematic gems that never make the actual shelf.

You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re in a drawer, or a closet, or that hope chest where you keep love notes from the 7th grade.

You don’t want them on display, yet you can’t get rid of them. None of us are immune. I myself have Speed on VHS, tucked away, out of plain sight from all who visit.

So, I was amused to receive the following email:

Hi friends,

So…Rich’s blog buddy just sent us copies of a bunch of movies he had lying around at work…Since our house is already crammed with copies of “This Old Cub” and 200 other random DVDs, we don’t quite have room. So if either of you would like any of the following movies for you or your friends, let me know and I can bring them tomorrow.

– College Roadtrip (starring Martin Lawrence and the little girl from the Cosby Show)
– Step Up 2: The Streets (what?)
– Sydney White (this one has Amanda Bynes, and I think is loosely based on Snow White and the 7 dwarfs)
– Primeval (I think this is about a killer crocodile)

Any takers? Eh, eh?


Naturally, I passed. Mostly, because I do not own Step Up 1, and having a a copy of 2 would disrupt my filmography zen.

So… What’s in your closet?

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