Los Angeles Casting Is Being Assimilated


Have you signed up for The Casting Frontier yet? If you’re an actor who plans to audition for commercial work in L.A., and you haven’t already – you will.

Casting agencies in Los Angeles are beginning to move everything online. The days of bringing a headshot and resume are numbered. As many CDs have been pointing out at recent auditions, it is still a period of transition. Sure, you can still bring in that brooding photo of you leaning up against a brick wall in the dangerous outer fringes of Burbank. But, you still have to sign up for TCF and get your bar code.

Yes. A bar code.

Actors in L.A. are begin tagged with bar codes at an alarming rate. A database is growing, tracking our every move throughout the industry landscape. There is no going back. The few who continue to resist, arrive at the audition only to hear the lecture all over again:

Print your bar code.

Print your bar code.

Print your bar code.

Order it in the form of a card. Paste it into your resume. Carry it with you at all times. Your bar code is your I.D. in The System. And without The System, you will not work in this town. Without The System, you are nothing.

Have a nice day.


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