Our Hero Is Played By A White Man


I had an audition for an NFL spot, where my agency simply told me to what to wear and where to go. Suit. Hollywood. I was auditioning for the role of “Hero Businessman.”

With no sides available to download, this was all the information I had going into the audition. When I arrived, I found a cattle call for a handful of roles. This was for an airplane scene. When the flight is delayed, the Hero Businessman whips out his phone and exclaims “Sweet! Now I can watch the rest of the game!”

The roles for the spot were posted on the wall:

  1. Mom (Caucasian)
  2. Son
  3. Grandmother
  4. Hero Businessman (Caucasian)
  5. Stoner college kid
  6. Businessman (African-American)

I couldn’t help but fixate on items 4 and 6.

The Hero Businessman is white. The other, is black.

Why can’t the black businessman be the hero? Or the grandmother? What about the stoner college kid? Are we implying that stoners do not like football? Why not play against type, and have the young white mom play the crazed football fan?

I find myself shaking my head often.

Photo from guyfromlargo’s photostream


2 Responses to “Our Hero Is Played By A White Man”

  1. okay so wait are they going to start showing NFL games on phones?

    (sorry i dont have the answers to the hard stuff, just trying to figure out how to be able to always see my seahawks play)

  2. I have read about your Seahawks problem, and I feel for you. I grew up a diehard Bucs fan.

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