L.A. vs. NY: The Hustle Factor


Los Angeles vs. New York

I’m not even going to get into which city is “better,” because that’s honestly like comparing apples to hand grenades. What I will get into, is the H-Factor, where H is for Hustle.

In New York, it doesn’t matter where you go – a bar, restaurant, coffee shop – they want to keep things moving. “Whaddya want, whaddya want?” I can still hear the crotchetty guy yelling from across the counter at a random bagel shop. Hold up, broseph, there’s 65 different things on your menu. Nope – no good. That doesn’t fly here, or anywhere else in New York. Know what you want before you walk in or they will move on to the next guy.

H-Factor: HIGH

L.A.? Not so much.

How many times do you have to repeat yourself to the Sandwich Artist because she’s texting her BFF about meeting up at Pinkberry later? Just today, I blew an entire lunch break at Aaron Brothers trying to get some dude to understand that I need 3 photos matted in a frame. I had the photos and the frame with me. Just needed the mat. Dude took measurements at least 7 times.


Does L.A. have a lower H-Factor because so many people here don’t have regular day jobs? Do people assume that we have all afternoon to browse the stores on Ventura Boulevard and sip a non-fat latte at Aroma Cafe? We’re not all just actors and screenwriters, you know.

Well.. we are…… but, we still have day jobs, dammit.

Photo from manmadepants’ photostream


One Response to “L.A. vs. NY: The Hustle Factor”

  1. one thing i got told when i was on the east coast is that i tip too much and i’m too nice. its true, i’ll pretty much start up a conversation with anyone. doesn’t really fly back there.

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