I’m Going To Be A Father!


My life is about to change. Tonight at 6pm Pacific, we will induce labor at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. A little baby girl is a week overdue.

I’ve always tried to plan for things in life. Unemployment. Hurricanes. The perfect date. Even this. But sometimes things happen out of order, and you realize you weren’t really driving the car in the first place.

I haven’t written much about this at all, because I didn’t want to jinx it. Silly, but true. I just thought I’d share, because I’m excited/nervous/freaking out.

We’re having a baby. Here are 10 things that I already know I can look forward to:

  • Baby headshots.
  • Someone else’s vomit to clean up.
  • No more spontaneous trips for two to the Starlight Room, where nothing good ever comes of it anyway.
  • More fun toys to play with. Except these will probably be pink, and not require batteries.
  • New things to tweet about. Like poo.
  • Metblogging from the perspective of… a dad.
  • A renewed for vigor for all things Christmas.
  • Road-tripping like the Griswolds.
  • Excuses to be obnoxious with a camera.
  • Unconditional love from a little person. Most likely because they want food. And later, money.

I have no idea where this leads. But, I’ve decided to enjoy the ride.


9 Responses to “I’m Going To Be A Father!”

  1. 1 betheboy

    Congratulations! Keep us posted.

  2. 2 gdprod

    Congrats and welcome to the Stroller Warriors Club! Just a word of warning re batteries: You will spend an amount equal to a year of tuition at an Ivy League school by the time your kid is 9 mos. old.

  3. 3 ginayates


  4. 4 @illuminato

    Very happy for you! Looking forward to fatherhood anecdotes from your perspective. 😀

  5. Ah, the vomit supposedly comes a lot later in life. Your first foray will be into the aforementioned: poo. So many types and so many different ways to describe it, given your mood. 🙂

    Enjoy the ride, my friend. Welcome to the club!

    Oh, unconditional love… Depends on the mood of your little one when she starts developing her own whims and opinions. The day following an evening where I missed giving my daughter a bath and reading books with her before she settles in for sleep, she whines “no daddy. Mommy do.” Whether it be waking her up in the morning, or cutting her bagel up for her… Just to spite me. 😉

  6. Yay for dadhood. Someone’s got to do it! Seriously, congratulations. We look forward to the updates.

  7. Holy shit, dude. Congrats!

  8. 8 Jodi

    Wow! Congratulations!!!

  9. Congrats! I had no idea!

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