When Earthquakes Attack


I haven’t felt a large earthquake since shortly after I first moved to L.A. in 2005. This one today was pretty good. If by good, I mean scary.

I work on the third floor of a building in Sherman Oaks, and the three floors beneath us are parking. Normally, our floor shakes whenever a car enters or exits the garage. Or when the fat CPAs down the hall make a mad dash to the shitter after inhaling a tray of El Pollo Loco. So, movement of some kind occurs on a regular basis.

But, today, you could tell right away that this was something different. Today was a reminder of our impending doom as residents of Los Angeles. The following is my train of thought, as told by my Twitter Updates. An idea I totally stole from The Slack Daily. Notice the transition from surprise to concern, then to amusement and full circle back to silly:

  • Holy shit. Still rolling.
  • Thank God for rollers.
  • Anyone getting cell phone service? Son of bitch.
  • Sister Christian, who is from Georgia, just asked when they expect the aftershocks to happen.
  • Anyone else love the irony that through all of this, Twitter has yet to fail?
  • This reminds me of Hurricanes in Florida when everyone is online looking at maps and radar. Except not as fun.
  • Getting texts and spotty service now. Email from San Diego asking if we’re ok – Claire felt it there. Reports from Vegas too.
  • Suddenly, I’ve become concerned about the contents of my storage unit. Even though I can’t remember what’s in there.
  • Here come the texts from other cities. Productivity has come to a stop.
  • I now follow @MissRFTC because she has a shaking vagina. I wish I had a shaking vagina. from web
  • L.A. Times story on Twitter’s role in the quake. No mention of shaking vaginas. http://tinyurl.com/5dcm9t from web

3 Responses to “When Earthquakes Attack”

  1. Bless your soul.

    Did you see the raptors?! Burbank is filthy with raptors!!!!!

  2. 2 Jason

    Um… raptors? As in, of the Jurassic Park variety?

  3. 3 ginayates

    Shitter…shit…son of bitch…vaginas. This is why I visit.

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