Even Plumbers Are Rock Stars


Amusing moment earlier today when Rockstar Plumber stopped by for the second time in a week. He wanted to charge us an additional $85 for the service call which was a follow-up of the other service call. We said no, and he called dispatch, who waived the charge.

Hanging up with her, he turned to us and said “What do I care – I’m still getting paid.”

Before getting on his way, we noticed that Rockstar Plumber, proud owner of one full sleeve tattoo, had something else. On each of four fingers was a letter, spelling out a four-letter word:

E – V – I – L

Rock on, Plumber. You just keep doing your thing.


4 Responses to “Even Plumbers Are Rock Stars”

  1. 1 ginayates

    Can I have his phone number? I have a leak or something.

  2. 2 Jason

    I am not giving you a plumber reference so that you can act out one of your weird little fantasies.

  3. 3 ginayates

    You suck, FadeIn.

  4. 4 monhbat

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