Gas Prices Are Segregating Los Angeles


I wrote a post earlier for Metblogs about my plan to bike to work because gas prices have spiraled out of control. Then I came to a horrifying realization:

I’m stuck in the Valley, and I have been for a while.

When I moved to L.A., one of my favorite pastimes was the random drive around town. Get on the freeway, exit somewhere, and turn right or left. I would drive around Hollywood, Downtown, wherever. Somehow, I always ended up on Broadway, marveling at once was and will be again. It wasn’t until I read a post by Will about his nightly drive through the 2nd Street Tunnel that I dawned on me. He stopped doing it because of the high gas prices. Without realizing it, I had stopped driving around, too.

In fact, unless I have to, I never venture outside of the home-work zone of Studio City-Sherman Oaks. I don’t visit the beaches anymore. I don’t venture out to the San Gabriel Mountains. I can’t remember the last time I was Downtown, and the last time I was in Hollywood was for acting class.

I wonder how many others are feeling segregated by gas? Could the silver lining to all of this be reduced traffic congestion in L.A.? Even so, it will only help to strengthen the divide between the 100 suburbs in search of a city.

Photo from Shoreline’s photostream


2 Responses to “Gas Prices Are Segregating Los Angeles”

  1. Meet you at the Galleria!

  2. 2 Jodi

    Even though I’m (barely) in the Valley, I can’t imagine not leaving it! I’m lucky to live pretty close to two red line stops, so I’ve been trying to take the Red Line to work, which I’m also lucky I can do. I also use the subway most times when I go downtown and occasionally to go to Hollywood. If they’d extend the hours, I’d use it at night more.

    Good luck with biking to work. Even though I’m only between 8 and 9 miles, I just can’t think of a safe way to do it.

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