Lakers? Whatev.


NBA Playoffs. Lakers-Celtics. The bandwagon is loaded up and ready to crawl South down the 101 into beautiful Downtown Los Angeles.

Am I the only one in L.A. that can’t wait for this nonsense to be over? Here are 3 reasons why I do not care if the Lakers win or lose. Ever.

1. The Weather.

Suddenly, everyone is a Lakers fan. EVERYONE. You know people are bandwagon when the shirts, hats, and jerseys all look brand new. Where is your Kareem jersey? What do you mean, Kareem who? That’s what I thought. Move back to New York.

2. The Player.

Kobe. I don’t know the guy, and I can’t say that I know the exact details of his controversial history as a human. What I do know, is that he has an attitude problem. Do you want to be traded or not? Shut up, and play for the team that hired you. Or, clean out your locker and leave town. Guess it doesn’t matter now, since the ‘fans’ have already forgotten everything.

3. The Sport. Basketball is the Me-est of all Me sports. There is no NBA in team. Pass the ball? And let Billy Token win it at the buzzer? I don’t think so. I am totally going to risk losing this game by taking it to the hole myself. I want the limelight. I want the attention. I need a new shoe line. Jerks.

So, while most of L.A. will be driving around town, scratching their heads at the sudden realization that there aren’t many sports bars to be found, I’ll be resting comfortably at home.

Parking: zero dollars. Beer: zero dollars. Avoiding the NBA playoffs: priceless.

Photo from Ironic, no?


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