Dear Sex and the City Producers: Thank You


One movie has never done so much for all mankind.

As I left the Sherman Oaks Best Buy, I could see that a line was already developing at the movie theater across the street. Women all over Cougarwood are gathering for the biggest day in I’m-a-Woman-So-I-Rule movie history: Opening Weekend for Sex and the City.

From the looks of it, a few guys were dragged to this particular AMC as well, so I want to give them cred for taking one for the team. Their sacrifice for the brotherhood is noted, and we owe each of them a hand the next time they move.

For the rest of the men in Los Angeles, throughout America, and the world over… we thank you, Sex and the City Producers. You brought back something that has been gone for far too long. Something that slipped away right before our eyes, during all the yes-dear’s and honey-do’s. You brought back Friday. At least this one Friday. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

Let’s order pizza, drink beer, and watch whatever the hell is on ESPN Classic. Let’s do… whatever it is that we used to do. Tonight we are free of cleaning out the cat litter and watching So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight we are free to do as we wish. Tonight we are men.

2 Responses to “Dear Sex and the City Producers: Thank You”

  1. 1 ginayates


  2. Hilarious. Bravo.

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