Playing the Agent Game


I met with a talent agency last week to audition for possible commercial representation. It went well. Very well, I think. After 2 reads, one of the younger guys turned to the head of the agency and said “yes.” It was an emphatic yes that, honestly, caught me a little off guard. They took turns explaining their mission as an agency. The two younger guys had been at a bigger, more well-known agency. They were unhappy with the state of the industry, and the dishonesty that has become the norm. They wanted to pay clients within 24-48 hours. They wanted full-disclosure on audition details. They wanted to build relationships based on trust and integrity. They wanted to build careers. I was sold.

I took the contract home to read between the lines over the weekend. Looks good. I left a message that I still have a few questions, so we’ll see where it goes.


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