L.A. For The Financially-Challenged (i.e. Actors)


Between the escalating price of gas to the ever-shrinking job pool in the business, life in Los Angeles can be tough for any actor. Let’s be honest. When is the last time you heard a voice over or watched a TV ad to which a recognizable actor wasn’t attached? Even Kevin Spacey is doing side work these days.

For a lot of actors, times like these means taking day jobs they normally wouldn’t, sacrificing new head shots or training, or giving up the dream altogether.

Backstage covered this last week, with a few helpful tips for those who are struggling to survive.

The biggest thing you can do is just drive less,” said Toews. That’s not an easy proposition for actors who will have little luck carpooling or riding their bicycles to auditions. Keyes, a native New Yorker, said he cannot rely on the L.A.’s mass transit system, but at least he drives a fuel-efficient car.

It is unfortunate that Metro is so unreliable for performers (and just about everyone else). With auditions, casting directors, agents, managers and studios all over the city, using public transit to get somewhere on time can take its toll on anyone. But, I did find one actor who seems to be doing just fine.

With gas hitting a record high for the 20th day in a row, it’s time to dust off my own bike.

Photo from Eleventh Earl of Mar’s photostream

One Response to “L.A. For The Financially-Challenged (i.e. Actors)”

  1. 1 betheboy

    This is good advice for anyone, not just actors.

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