Promoting Yourself is a Full-Time Job


I’m reconnecting this week.

With so many professional subscriptions and social networking memberships floating around, it’s hard to recall what every username and password is. In the ongoing re-design of my professional web site, I realized I had been neglecting my LinkedIn account. As a solid career networking tool, LinkedIn is a great way to build a testimonial file. I sent out a new request to several former colleagues for endorsements, which I can use for my site.

While I’m dusting off all of my old accounts, I’ve also been getting into Twitter. For those new to Twitter, it’s commonly referred to as microblogging. You tell people what your are doing right now in 140 characters or less. I’m finding that it can be a powerful new marketing tool to promote any upcoming projects you may have. You could send out tweets about the play you’re putting up this weekend, a new post on a group blog to which you contribute, your search for a new agent, etc. At the very least, it gives you another way to drive traffic back to your site.

What makes Twitter so handy, is that you can set it up to send tweets from your cell phone. Here is an exact tweet that I sent out while on the road last night: “Bike cops all over hollywood 2nite!” Anyone “following” my updates on Twitter would instantly be informed to exercise additional caution while driving in Hollywood.

In an attempt to tie everything together in one seamless online presence, Twitter may actually be the missing link.

Will the utilization of social networking platforms and other new media give anyone an edge in an acting career? Sure beats sitting around waiting for your phone to ring.

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