The Downtown L.A. Film Festival


Is Downtown Los Angeles the new Tribeca? We hope so.

Angelenic reports a new addition to the film festival circuit right in the heart of L.A. The Downtown L.A. Film Festival runs June 11-18, 2008, and will utilize a variety of venues from the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live to the historic movie palaces that line Broadway.

The Downtown L.A. Film Festival will also be the world’s first green film festival, aiming to be a “zero-carbon emissions event.” In a city that loves to waste, it will be interesting to see how they pull that off. We love Earth. We love the idea of being green. But, we’d still like to see Broadway awash in bright neon lights. We’d also like to be able to ride to a DLAFF screening at the Palace or Tower Theatre on a historic Red Car Trolley, but, let’s not pull the car before the cable.

If the Downtown L.A. Film Festival sticks, Los Angeles may witness a huge cultural shift in the way it celebrates film. And we’re OK with that.

Merry Christmas, Downtown L.A. Your present is in the mail.

Photo of the Los Angeles Theatre from extra medium‘s flickr stream


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