Best Place to Live in L.A.


In the future, you’ll be glad you live on The Line.

The Metro Red Line is, for the time being, L.A.’s only subway. There are a few other trains that run above ground. There are buses. There are buses that act like trains. And there are plenty of cars. But the Red Line subway is where Los Angeles is headed.

News broke yesterday about NBC relocating its entire West Coast operation from Burbank to Universal City, just over the hill from Hollywood.

Leaving Burbank is big enough of a deal, but moving across the street from Universal Studios is even bigger. NBC will now be located directly above the Red Line, at Universal City Station.

The Red Line, which we can start calling The Biz Line, is becoming the major artery for the entertainment industry. If you’re in The Biz, and you want to live in L.A. and not deal with as much traffic, you might think about living near one of the Red Line stations. Whether it’s a studio, a theater, or a bookstore, many stations have entertainment destinations within a few blocks walking distance. In Los Angeles, of all places.

Click on the map for Biz-related hotspots near the subway, and feel free to send us any locations that we can add to the map.

Sometimes getting your foot in the door, means getting on the map. Or, in this case, The Line.


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