YouTube Short Film Contest


The world is full of actors. But they are probably outnumbered by those who think they are directors. It’s always a good idea for one to try being the other. At the very least, you might start to understand what the hell the other is always bitching about.

Maybe you’ve always though of making your own short. But what about? Where do you start?

YouTube’s Project: Direct is a short film contest for the director in each of us. The challenge, is that your film has to have have 3 things:

  1. A character facing a situation above his or her maturity level
  2. The line of dialogue: “I demand an explanation for theses shenanigans! What do you have to say?”
  3. The passing of a photograph.

Notice how the first element was maturity level, and not necessarily age. Have fun with that.

Submissions are accepted October 7-November 9, and must be between two and seven minutes in length.

The winner gets a $5000 debit card, a trip to an international film festival, and a meeting with suits from Fox Searchlight Pictures. Get your Tube on.


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