Artists Can’t Afford to Live in the Arts District


Like the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, there’s a lot of development taking place in NoHo. But, what used to be an affordable area of cholo shady where actors could actually afford to live is suddenly turning into North Condowood. Overpriced, non-descript boxes of plywood are popping up all over the Valley like your 6th grade acne. And there’s no getting rid of these things.

Take the Lofts at NoHo Commons, for example. A 1-bedroom, 580 square foot loft starts at $1540.

$1540 a month. In North Hollywood.

Maybe because it’s located so close to the Metro Red Line. You know, that subway that runs to maybe 2 places in the entire city you actually want to visit……

Unless you’re coming back over the hill after midnight and you miss the last train at 12:30 and you have to hail a cab which means walking all over Hollywood or Sunset or Highland or Melrose or whatever road you’re stumbling down searching for a cab which isn’t necessarily going to be yellow and does the light on mean they already have a passenger or are they available and how much is this ride going to cost me because it seems to change from one driver to the next and I can’t understand a word this guy is saying.

The question is, if true artists like actors, dancers, writers, etc. can’t afford to stay in the Arts District, where will they go? Who will move to NoHo to take their place?

If you want it to be an Arts District, you have to find a way to keep the artists.


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